about Asmus

Asmus O. Ziegler is a German Architect and Stonemason with a flair and passion for original design.
Born and raised near Hamburg, his love of art bore him an early career as a talented and expert Stonemason, later enhanced with further studies in architecture.

A parallel passion for far eastern cultures saw a move to China in 2006, working in sleepy Jinan and the explosive metropolis of Shanghai as an architect and designer.
Later moving to Hong Kong enabled travel and exposure across Asia which he considers an analogous, constantly contrasting continent – and one that inspires his works continuously.

He loves to express his concepts of design, and ideas of beauty and esthetic. The creative challenge, enchanted by the beauty of balance and harmony are transformed into his works. Combining history, art, architecture and sculpture, using precious stones and metals ‘ASMUS JEWELS’ is a true expression of his personal style and ideals.